Landscaping Ideas For The Florida Area

Recently we had a question about landscaping ideas for the Florida area and what kind of ideas we had for those who lived in a hot and humid environment. Our passion is landscapes and making our outdoors looking great, whether that is your back yard, front yard or just a small portion of your yard. We spend hundreds of hours every year making sure our lawns are well cared for, that our landscapes look great, but do we really get to enjoy all of our hard work?

tree service in FloridaHow does someone enjoy landscaping in Florida? We asked a friend of ours who owns Discount Tree Service in Ft Lauderdale some of these questions to get an idea of what works in his area, especially during the few hot months of summer (usually from July – September). For three months people hid indoors and tend to neglect their landscaping work.

Alex of Discount Tree Service in Ft Lauderdale offered a few pointers on how you can enjoy your yard during those hot summer months.

  • Install a pool. Many homeowners have their own swimming pools. This allows you to cool off, maybe after playing a game of cornhole.
  • Install a small back yard kitchen. These ideas can cost a lot of money but there are some basic outdoor kitchens that anyone can get on a small budget.
  • Install a small pond with misters. You can pick a small pond, plant trees, shrubs and bushes around it as well as put in a few misters. These misters will help cool the air around you as well as makes the area feel a few degrees coolers.
  • Add a few larger oak trees. Oak tree grow abundantly in most parts of Florida and they provide a lot of shade. Get some of these trees planted around your yard and house and you will feel a big difference. Be sure to hire a qualified arborist to prune your other trees as well.

One of the key points is to have enough shade trees in your yard to help keep it cooler. Trees are a great way to enhance your landscape and are easy to plant, trim and remove and replace.

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Maintaining Your Yard Through Tree Trimming

Maintaining your yard through tree trimming and tree removal services. Most yards have over grown trees or hedges that block views and sun light. In some areas of the country, having trees for shade is a good thing, but overgrown trees can cause more harm than good. It’s important to try to keep your trees maintained so that you don’t have over grown or unhealthy trees.

Areas such as Florida that see hot summers and more than 300 days of sun every year, having a few healthy grown trees will provide the shade needed to keep a house cool. Shade is important in these areas but how to do you balance an over grown tree from that of a healthy, yet full tree? There are many companies that specialize in tree trimming services throughout the country.

Tree Service Tampa FloridaFlorida has hundreds of companies and individuals who do this type of work full time. Miller Son Tree Service in Tampa has been serving the area for over five years of not just trimming trees but also removing unhealthy trees from people’s yards. While the goal is to save a tree from being cut down, some trees are better to be taken down and replaced by a new healthy tree. Trees in Florida are easy to maintain because of the perfect weather conditions for growing. With over 300 days of sun and the storms that bring rain, trees are relatively easy to grow and maintain. Most trees just need a little care every few years with either pruning or trimming off dead branches.

With a well maintained yard, you will be able to enjoy the summer months in a cool shaded place, as well as the lowered cooling cost of your home. Most trees are free to maintain in Florida, except the occasional cost of fertilizer and trimming services.

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